Alexander Wang Strap Leg Sandals


Alexander Wang Ready to Wear Spring 2013 Runway White Strap Leg Heel Sandals. White leather sandals with straps at the center of foot, toe, vamp, ankle, and leg strap. The leg strap is detachable. Like Wang, himself described the Tron-like inspired collection is functional. The perfect sandals to wear with a short white suit, a plain white dress or; take the leg strap off, pair with a trouser.  


  • Size: 38
  • Designer: Alexander Wang
  • Style: Knee High Strap Sandals
  • Color: White
  • Material: Leather
  • Heel: 4.5″


Condition: Very good. Refurbished, cleaned, and sterilized. Signs of wear on heels and strap buckles.

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